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Start getting active, bespoke investment property leads in 
your targeted area.

Bespoke Property Leads powered by Flagship Marketing has the ability to source you live, high quality, high intent, exclusive property leads. 

This means that regardless of your service areas, offering or approach, we can source qualified leads that are the right fit for you.

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    Step 1.

    Bespoke Ad Sets that appeal to the consumer you want.

    We use a variety of marketing methods to find you the right consumers, one of which is through our bespoke property investment sites – similar to the one on the right…

    Step 2.

    If they qualify, they come your way.

    Consumers opt-in via our ad sets & investment property sites, they are checked against your criteria and asked any pre-qualifying questions you have.

    A huge benefit of our bespoke leads programme is the ability to target your ad sets – we can ensure the consumers you are receiving are within your serviceable areas – down to a postcode level if required.

    If they fit the mould then they are sent to you live to ensure you have the best chance to contact them and further their investment journey.

    Sell more homes with

    High quality, high intent, bespoke leads

    Our Leads are created through a series of bespoke ad sets and websites that attract the right consumers for you. Consumers who are serious about an investment property and actively seeking guidance to get them started on their journey.

    We send these leads live (as they happen) to ensure that you can contact them at their highest point of interest, this dramatically increases your ability to move them through the decision-making process.

    We ensure that the consumers are fully opted-in by submitting their details for you to contact them. Once the consumers submit these details, their information is output live for you to call and arrange that in-home appointment and get things moving.

    The ability to receive these leads as they happen, the exclusive nature of your ad sets and offers and the high intent of these leads is what sets us apart in a sea of investment property options. Let us take you through our process in more detail, contact us here.

    We connect you with consumers who are actively searching for Investment Property Options.

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    Connecting you in real time with interested consumers. Bespoke ads and campaigns, genuine interest and a focus on ROI.

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